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About Us

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We are three girls passionate about organization.

Messy spaces? Stuff that seems out of place? We love finding solutions for that. Our styles welcomes functionality while being aesthetically pleasing.

We strive to achieve "Instagrammable" work, while maintaining sensible and reasonable solutions. Organization does not mean perfection.

Among the three of us, we have valuable combined experience in Architecture, Real Estate and Advertising. We never stop learning or preparing to fulfill our business objective: helping each client to optimally organize the areas in which they live or work, according to their needs, budget and lifestyle.

Meet The Team

Photo Apr 18, 7 42 22 PM.heic


Favorite store for organization stuff:


Messy space in her own home:

Laundry Room

Best product for organizing:

Hyacinth Baskets

Photo Apr 18, 7 47 19 PM.heic


Favorite store for organization stuff:

Container Store

Messy space in her own home:

Husband's office

Best product for organizing:

Clear containers & bins

Photo Apr 18, 7 43 59 PM.heic


Favorite store for organization stuff:


Messy space in her own home:

Game Room (3 kids + 1 dog)

Best product for organizing:

Lazy Susan

Our mission is to provide the best service in home, office or business organization in the greater Houston area, combining practical and creative solutions with our client's needs, lifestyle and budget.

Our vision is to create a brand of services and products that will help people have tidy and neat spaces, less stress and enjoy more free time.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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